5-Day Sugar Buster Kit - $10 Off
5-Day Sugar Buster Kit - $10 Off
5-Day Sugar Buster Kit - $10 Off
5-Day Sugar Buster Kit - $10 Off
5-Day Sugar Buster Kit - $10 Off

5-Day Sugar Buster Kit - $10 Off

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The 5-Day RESET™ Sugar Buster Cleanse kit is the perfect way to reset your body and your life.

The 5-Day Sugar Buster Cleanse helps you get off the sugar roller coaster and understand crazy carbohydrate cravings.  


  • Kiss your carb and sugar cravings goodbye
  • Increase your energy during the day
  • Have more restful sleep during the night
  • Learn to control cravings, hunger and mood swings by balancing blood sugar
  • Achieve a more healthy, glowing complexion from detoxing and proper nutrition
  • Understand healthy eating, proper nutrition, and what supplements to take
  • Save money on your grocery bill with our healthy, delicious smoothies
  • Be more productive in your home life, work and business by feeling great and maintaining focus
  • Build confidence with your new healthy self

The 5-Day RESET™ Sugar Buster jumpstart kit is a simple approach to help you make a clean break from the effects of unhealthy foods and jumpstart healthy eating habits.*

In only five days, you’ll experience the difference a healthy lifestyle can make and will be ready to take the next steps in your journey to better health.

What's Inside the Kit:

  • 15 single-serving pouches of Low Glycemic Nutrimeal™ formulated with the right ratio of complete proteins, beneficial fats, fibre, and complex carbohydrates to help you maintain your energy levels.5 stick packs of USANA® Probiotic
  • 5 AM/5 PM HealthPak™ packets (Vita-Antioxidants, Core Minerals, MagneCal and CellSentials Booster ), all the important micronutritients your body needs
  • 5 stick packs of USANA® Probiotic with good bacteria that help bring balance to your belly and support your gut microbiome
  • Daily Tracker
  • Program guide with healthy, whole food snack suggestions

For more information, including the supplement and nutrition facts, download the complete program guide.

*Individual results may vary. The 5-Day RESET program lowers your daily caloric intake and recommends moderate exercise for best results. It is suggested that you take these products to your health-care professional and secure their advice if you intend to change your diet, begin an exercise program, are pregnant or lactating, have allergies, are taking medications, or are under the care of a health-care professional. Children under the age of 18 should not participate in the 5-Day RESET program, except on the advice of their health-care professional and/or dietician.