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Your life is full of demands. And showing up—physically, mentally, and emotionally—for whatever’s important in your day starts with getting enough sleep the night before.

Fast-acting, sugar-free melatonin supplement that promotes the body’s natural sleep and wake cycles*. Pure Rest is a fast-acting melatonin supplement. It supports the body’s natural sleep-and-wake cycles by adding to your natural melatonin production at night. When taken at bedtime, Pure Rest supports the body’s natural circadian rhythms. They signal your body that it’s time to sleep. It’s especially helpful if your normal sleep schedule has been disturbed due to working odd hours or traveling and jet lag.* Pure Rest is not a sleeping pill. It’s non-habit forming. Simply take Pure Rest as part of your bedtime routine to help you get the sleep of your dreams every night.*

56 Tablets /Bottle

The USANA Difference

A good night’s sleep can help promote healthy immune function and support antioxidant defense. So get the sleep you need with USANA’s Pure Rest™. This fast-acting, ultra-pure supplement is both effective and non-habit forming as it uses melatonin to naturally regulate your sleep and wake cycles.*

Health Benefits

  • Contains melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone synthesized in the brain that regulates sleep and wake cycles*
  • Sugar-free, dissolvable tablet designed to support better sleep with a tasty orange flavor*
  • Contains no animal ingredients

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.